Expression of feelings..

There has always been different and clashing viewpoints on expression of feelings, whenever I observed or discussed  i got an answer that, feelings are not to be expressed openly for your loved ones or even if it is, it has to be in a subtle way. I have been a person who has always expressed feelings openly and with lot of loudness along with the silent gestures. when we express and share the reason should be feelings for the person whom i am sharing and not the result or reaction of the world.

Human nature is very inherent with sharing and expressing. when we see to the social media sites nowadays it shows it all that no matter families have become nuclear, no matter socializing has gone down, no matter we do not have time to meet and share things we have found mediums which gives us platform to stay connected share and express feelings.

It definitely depends upon individual to individual how introvert or extrovert, how reserved or open or how much one likes to share and express but those who do have a different impact all together. As a person you will have your own guidelines on expression of feelings and sharing your happenings of life but you have got one life that too so uncertain before something happens and you do not have time left to tell your loved ones how much you love them or share your feelings…DO IT NOW…

Now when i say it loud and clear without a fear in front of the world(social media) that i am happy for someone; i am in love with my husband or wife, or i got a wonderful surprise does it make you a show off kind of a person or will it be seen as sharing and expressing and spreading the infectious disease i.e. love…

My idea of expression is that as far as it is positive and loving, as far as it is sharing and expressing of feelings, as far as it is not hurting anyone else, i will share it with my network. Because it is natural to every human being; sharing and expressing is an essential need which gives sense of belongingness and content.

when an expression comes out in public(in one’s own network)where the message or statement is decent enough to share why is it that there are EYE’s rolling on it and its taken as a swank. Its makes it so special when you express it with an open heart.

EXPRESS SHARE SPREAD… positive feelings and good things in life because it spreads and creates an aura of positivity and happiness around. People who express and share good things or even a trivial incidence in life that made them happy are always looked upon high and they encourage others to spread and do the same. 

vibhuti šŸ™‚